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The Morning Scan
Random Notes From Far Arcturus

From: WB
To: Richard Fernandez, tour manager, Art Crimes '96

Hey Richard,

howzit cuz, are you as stoked to be home as I am? Bet you are. I'm feeling lots better these days, sleeping about 14 hours per (which as you may recall is down from 22) and feeling calm, crisp and strong. The rash is clearing up nicely and the facial tic is all but gone. However - I have finally finished unpacking and I find that I have somehow lost a few items along the way, items which I will need to recover for the remainder of the tour. A few of these, if they cannot be found, can be replaced, although not without some loss of the aura and sentimental value attached to the original. Here's the list (I want you to know I'm leaving out quite a few items which are not of great value to me, so as not to use up too much of your precious break time chasing down silly shit):

...oh there's a lot more but as I say I don't want you to bog too badly on this little chore. Most of this stuff could have been left anywhere that we stayed. I would suggest faxing the hotels in reverse chronological order, waiting an hour or so for each reply, then removing any found items from the list so as not to confuse overmuch the people at the next hotel. Please be your usual discrete self in this matter. If the dubloons turn up you can keep'em, the marbles I may need. Thanks for your assistance and I'll talk to you soon.


p.s.: Kawai has a list too which he'll be sending along, and be forwarned: he can't find his grenade either

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