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The Morning Scan
Random Notes From Far Arcturus

Richard -

I could use your assistance in tidying up a few loose ends that came a wee bit unraveled during our stay in Amsterdam. It would be a big help if you pitched in for the cleanup, at least until I regain the use of my body.

1. I am reliably informed that I denounced my U.S. citizenship, not once but several times, in various coffee shops and novelty stores in the Red Light District, including the "Sensi Smile" and the famous "Bulldog Cafe". Is this a problem?

2. The military surplus they sell at the flea markets and in the back of the headshops - is that stuff for real? If so, maybe I should get rid of the mortar and the Stinger surface-to-air missile before we hit the U.S. customs stalls.

3. Would it be possible to install a grow-light in the bathroom of the plane? I've got some seeds I'd like to sprout while we're over here cruising around.

4. Do you have any screens?

5. Kawai wants to know: which hotel lobby in London do you recommend for rollerblading, Mayfair or Dorchester?

6. A Mr. Alvarez, an acquaintance of Elinor's, advanced me some readies on one or two evenings during our stay. Could you reimburse him? The amount was US7,000, I believe. This figure includes the damage to the hotel room and the crumpled fender as well. Get a receipt if possible.

7. Speaking of Kawai: have you seen him since we left Amsterdam? He wouldn't by any chance be travelling with you? We can't find him anywhere.

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