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The Morning Scan
Random Notes From Far Arcturus

Craig -

I have just returned from a meeting with my new business manager Mr. Chandalur Singh - and I am hopping mad. Were you aware of the fact that

hang on a sec - what am I doing? the tour is over...isn't it?
...all right. Let me step out of character for a moment - you'll let me slide back in when I need to, won't you? - let me tell you something: there was a day back in June, it seems like a very long time ago now, there was a day back in June, in New York, when Donald and I stood outside the door of the big rehearsal room at S.I.R. on 52nd Street, listening to the Art Crimes orchestra being rehearsed by John Beasley and Tom Barney for the very first time - we weren't due to show up for a day or two yet, we had come from a meeting somewhere, and we couldn't resist the temptation to drop by and see how things were sounding. We stood there at the door for a while, like kids peeking down from the upstairs landing, watching Dad plant presents under the Christmas tree, and that's about how happy we were to be hearing how deeply our new band was grooving already on its very first day, how fine the soloists were sounding, how great is was going to feel to be a part of this driving little ensemble for a while. We left that place excited and happy, the band never knew we were there that day. And what I want to tell you all is this: it's October 14th, 1996, the day following the last show of the tour, and Donald and I walked onto that stage last night with every bit as much joy and anticipation as we felt on that day in June. This band just never stopped getting better, and being a part of it has been the absolute peak experience for Donald and me in the realm of live performance. The astounding reservoirs of heart and talents that this group of extraordinary players brought to bear in the service of performing our songs was an unparalleled source of inspiration and satisfaction, and I want to thank them for giving so much and for being the great players and wonderful human beings that they are. I love you guys, each and every one of you, no kidding - thanks for a fantastic three seasons of musicmaking, thanks for sharing your soul and your energies and your lives with us, thanks for everything.

Sincerely, Walter B

..ok, where was I? Oh, yeah, here are this week's fines (Suzana will know to cut this part before uploading onto the Morning Scan server) - make sure the last round of paychecks doesn't go out before the appropriate deductions have been made:
Cornelius: $600 - cracking back at soundchecks and during intermissions (the usual). Remember: CB has been in the penalty situation since third week of June

Beaz: $250 - clammed intro to "My Old School" five times

Michael: $280 - overuse of bogus English accent, more of the usual gender-bender antics

Wayne: $185 - too many hammer-ons, pants too tight

Ricky: $20 - for big decellerando in "Bad Sneakers" Wed. nite

Tom: $200 - played that funny little Japanese melody in his intro solo twice

Ari: $75 - for raising his leg during solos (30 times)

you can use the fine money to buy flowers for the girls as usual, let's go with the "Your Secret Admirers, D & W" signoff again this week, they really get a charge out of that one, I hear.

p.s. Suzana - looks like I'll be pretty busy the next two days at the camera stores, hifi salons and hostess bars - chances are I won't have much time to shop for the family. I'll be passing thru Honolulu on Wednesday, maybe you could pick up some presents for me and get'em over by then? pick out stuff from the lists I gave you, in the "B" range I think (I've only been gone for a week, after all), it doesn't have to be Japanese stuff or anything - just use some wrapping paper with a bamboo pattern, some storks, something like that, and they'll never know the difference. 'loha, Walt

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