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Winning E-mail of Contest #5

All those hopeful upturned faces: All those earnest, doomed votes: All those eager entries disqualified right out of the box... oh, the humanity!

In a full 26% of votes, our simple contest rules were either completely ignored or flamboyantly (and we suspect gleefully) violated -- thereby getting tossed by the automated counting program. Special contrarian mention goes to those who's vote read "here is my vote, unaltered as requested". So we're guessing that SD fans are just not big on reading and/or following Contest Rules, are we right?

Still, we had a lovely vote turnout, so even the valid entries made for a more than robust sample size, and a statistically unambiguous result.

So without further, further ado, we present your winner below.

FROM: Allen S. Thorpe
SUBJECT: Question

In Cousin Dupree the narrator refers to "watching her wax her skis." In a discussion with my cousin and my wife, there was some disagreement about what that meant. Did Janine actually have skis which she waxed? I said no, this story occurs in the South, where it is unlikely that anyone skis on anything other than water. I opined that this was a reference to Janine shaving or depilating her legs, which Cousin Dupree found quite erotic. The others said they had never heard this called waxing one's skis, and didn't believe me. Could the authors please settle this debate for me?

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