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Sorry I keep missing you but conditions here are fantastic and it's hard to settle down sometimes. That plus the time difference - that explains it, see what I mean? Anyway, here's the list of stuff I'm gonna need when we go into the studio:

1. Stratocasters, all 14 of them. Even the Fender one, send'em all. Make sure they're all tuned up and ready to go.

2. Monitors - send out the Woftam Wad 7's and stands. You can't get a pair here for love or money. I know it's a bit pricey and I know the FedEx won't take boxes that big or that heavy, but what the hell - I just gotta have'em, okay? Insure them for $65,000 each.

3. bring the Lugers but leave the firing pins behind. I may need these for a dramatic flourish if we're having trouble getting a track, but I don't want anybody to get hurt.

4. Rickie Lee Jones hula doll

5. coupla posters from the lounge, not the "Elvira, Queen of Darkness" - the guys have all seen that one before.

6. Traci Lords tapes - they've seen those before too but it doesn't matter

7. The Production Puppets TM - and hurry up on these; we're already running into trouble

8. Hawaiian crackers & candies, a whole bunch

9. perfume organ, D loves that thing.

10. yellow overdub ponchos and bibs

11. my lucky Rainbow Wahines t-shirt collection

12. leather producer's chair from Hyperbolic, plus accessories

13. casio camera

We're probably gonna need some tape and some other stuff too, but we'll figure that out when you get here - got to trot, my car is waiting downstairs. Have a good flight, get some sleep on the bus if you can.


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