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Recorded and Mixed at River Sound, New York.

Additional Recording at: Hyperbolic Sound, Hawaii; Clinton Recording and The Hit Factory, New York

Chief Engineer: Roger Nichols

House Engineer: Wayne Yurgelun

More Engineers: Tony Valante, David Dill, Dave Russell, Tom Fritze

Second Engineers: Hay Ryan, Phil Burnett, John Neff, Troy Halderson, Bob Mitchell, Andrew Grassi

Digital Technician: Phil Burnett

Mastering: Glen Meadows at Masterfonics, Nashville

Assistant to Mr. Fagen: Scott Barkham

Production Coordinator: Lisa Starr

River Sound Drums provided by Artie Smith

Hyperbolic drums provided by Paul Marchetti

Sample editing, digital delay acquisition: Craig Siegal ("Mr. Z")

Design: Carol Babolts/Red Herring Design

Photography: James Hamilton
Car Photography: Marinella Terziotti/ AM n. 39 11/92

Representation: Craig Fruin/ HK Management

THANKS TO Mo Ostin, Lenny Waroneker, Pat Dorn, Craig Fruin, Larry Robbins, Len Freedman and to the Ace Staff of River Sound: Keith Rosenberg, Anthony Gillis, Bernadette Deptula, Todd Alan, Tony Gonzalez, Mike Terraciano, Alan Cohen & Alica Godsberg; also to Siemens Audio, NYC: Tammy, Steve, John & Peter; C.J. at GML, The Toy Specialists, Mark Wilcox, Suze Howells, Ray Blook (Rane Corp.), Con Psorakis, Lou Marrini and Irwin Fisch; also to Jerry, Ellie, Emmie, Susie & Michael; and Marcelle.

Enablers: Gary Katz, Deborah Siegel, Patti Blanchard & Marianne Bachmann.

Inspiration: Libby Titus

Stabilization: R.M.


Bass/Solo Guitar: Walter Becker

Guitar: George Wadenius

Hammond B3 Organ: Paul Griffin

Drums: Leroy Clouden (tracks 3,5,8), Christopher Parker (tracks 1,2,6,7) and Dennis McDermott (track 4)

Percussion: Bashiri Johnson, Leroy Clouden

Keyboards and Vocals: Donald Fagen

Horns: Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Randy Brecker

Tenor Sax (solo on tracks 6,7): Cornelius Bumpus

Baritone Sax: Ronnie Cuber

Tenor Sax (solo on track 2): Illinois Elohainu

Tenor Sax, Flute: Lawrence Feldman

Trombone (solo on track 8): Birch Johnson

Alto Sax, Flute, Clarinet: Lou Marini

Trombone: Jim Pugh

Baritone Sax: Roger Rosenberg

Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Alan Rubin

Tenor Sax, Flute: Dave Tofani

Background Vocals: Frank Floyd, Diane Garisto, Amy Helm ("You're not my Jackie"), Mindy Jostyn, Brenda King, Curtis King, Jenni Muldaur, Angela Clemmon Patrick, Katherine Russell, Dian Sorel, Fonzie Thornton


The producer wishes to thank Elinor, Kawai and Sayan for their patience and support; Likewise Wolf Chuckie, Wolf Nancy, Mr. Bonhommie, Spider King Demon, Donald, Bambi, Fluffy, Legba, Baron Samedi. Mahalo to Lisa, gracias to Bobbi. Hubba-hubba to Helen, George and the whole crew over at Steamer Heaven. And thanks again to Donald, for asking me along for the ride. Also, the producer seeks to ingratiate himself with the following luthiers, each of whom he deems the finest in the land: the sublime Stephen Grimes, the serene James Tyler, the superb John Carruthers, the supreme Roger Sadowsky and Jim Crawford, wherever he is.

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