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Vocals, solo guitars, ukulele, bass: Walter Becker / Acoustic and electric guitar: Dean Parks /
Keyboards: John Beasley, Donald Fagen / Woodwind solos: Bob Sheppard / Drums: Ben Perowsky (Lucky Henry, Surf And/Or Die, Hat Too Flat) / Bass: Fima Ephron (Lucky Henry, Surf And/Or Die, Hat Too Flat) / Electric Guitar: Adam Rogers (Lucky Henry, Surf And/Or Die, Hat Too Flat, solo #2 on Lucky Henry - 1st solo is Dean Parks) / Background vocals: Katherine Russell, Brenda White-King / Horns arranged by Donald Fagen / Horn Section: Bob Shepard (sax), Bruce Paulson (trombone), Jon Papenbrook / Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa / Project Coordinator: Lisa Starr / Drums supplied by Paul Marchetti / Midi Buddy/Tech support/Mac Hack: Craig Siegel / 2nd Engineer: Earl (Martin), Tom (Hardisty) / 3rd Engineer: John (Neff)
Recorded and mixed entirely on Meyer HD-1 monitors
20-bit mixes processed for CD with Sony Super Bit Map system

Special Thanks: Paul de Benedictis (Opcode), Suze Howells (Digidesign), Mark Johnson & John Meyer, Con Psorakis, Don Eklund and Sony Digital, Harvey Moltz (Rainbow Guitars), Ampex, Bruce Jackson (Apogee), Brian Wright (Digitech), Bob Moses & Ray Bloom (Rane Corp.), Dalton at Project One, Mikal (Mytek Private Q ccue system), C.J. at Massenburg Labs, Mesa/Boogie, Steve Rabe (SWR), Matchless, Millenia Audio, Jeff Boggs (Sadie USA), David Dubow (Signet Sound)

Extra Special Thanks: Uncle Remix, Hyperbolic Dave, Bobbi Marcus, Craig Fruin, Suzana Haugh Chants and prayers of Tibetan Lamas made possible by the blessing of Nechung Rimpoche. Hawaii lamas - Lama Tenzin, Lama Lobsang, Lama Pedor, Lama Jikmey. FREE TIBET./ Giggles: Sayan Becker

Mr. Becker's countless electric guitars constructed, modified, and adjusted by Master Luthiers
Steven Grimes and Roger Sadowsky

Representation: Craig Fruin/HK Management

Art Direction: Mick Haggerty/ Photography by Annalisa, except punch photo by Mick
Type Design: Mick Haggerty and Kathleen Philpott

Produced by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen

Engineered and mixed by Roger Nichols and Dave Russell/ Recorded at Hyperbolic Sound USA and at Signet Sound, Los Angeles CA / Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics, Nashville TN

For Elinor

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