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The EMG '03 Band

Our Gallery of Stage Visuals
cynthia Calhoun, Carolyn Leonhart, Cindy Mizelle
Calhoun, Leonhart, Mizelle
Photo: Jim Pugh

Dreamy, at the Gorge
Jim Pugh, Cornelius Bumpus
Pugh, Bumpus
Photo: Cynthia Calhoun
Walter Becker
© 2003 Amanda Parks
Walt Weiskopf
© 2003 Amanda Parks
Becker: Weiskopf:
Our Two Walts

Cindy Mizelle: Carolyn Leonhart: Cynthia Calhoun
Cindy Mizelle, Carolyn Leonhart, Cynthia Calhoun

Zellie, Flex, and Callie sure look impressed
with their "Regional Amenity" presented onstage
at the Chicago show

Photo: Cynthia Calhoun
Keith Carlock

Another Product Placement for Apple.
Pay Up!

tour pictures
August 14, Toronto:
tour photos
What happened? ----->>
Jon Pollak
"...that last add-a-tap"
Bill Charlap
Guest performer at Jones Beach:
Bill Charlap
Bill Charlap
Give the man some whackin' space
Jon Herington
Jon Herington
Cornelius Bumpus
Cornelius Bumpus

It was all so simple
in Uncasville
Michael Leonhart Keith Carlock
Time Beings
Michael Leonhart: Keith Carlock

Photo: Jon Pollak        Photo: Jon Pollak
Tour bus in Manhattan
[As shot/seen by Lighting Director Jon Pollak]
Roseland Ballroom
Roseland Ballroom
Roseland: Soundcheck
Roseland Ballroom
  steely dan photos
Roseland: Showtime
Keith Carlock
Keith Carlock
  Tom Barney
Tom Barney

Cynthia Calhoun, Cindy Mizelle
We learned in Memphis that
celebrities are not perfect
Walter Becker
Tell us about it
Cynthia Calhoun, Cindy Mizelle
Make up your own caption....
Jon Herington
[ plus: Blackie checks in]
Jim Pugh
Walt Weiskopf Cornelius Bumpus
Jim Pugh, Michael Leonhart
' E v e r y o n e    M u s t    B l o w '    A l l - S t a r s

New Guys Carlock, Mizelle, Weiskopf
Keith Carlock Keith Carlock Keith Carlock Keith Carlock
Keith Carlock Cindy Mizelle Keith Carlock
Cindy Mizelle Walt Weiskopf Walt Weiskopf

We're not exactly sure what happened in Albuquerque --
-- but it wasn't pretty

L-R: Larry Yager, Dave Russell, Lorne Wheaton, Skip Gildersleeve, Yager

Luke Gartland, Steve Schwenke, Walt Weiskopf, Jon Pollak. Photos: Kevin Campbell

Cindy Mizelle

Cynthia Calhoun


Carolyn Leonhart

Dave Morgan
FOH Audio Engineer

Matt Herr & Duds Ford
Sound Technicians

Vish Wadi & Dave Russell
Monitor Engineers
Jon Pollak
Lighting Design/Direction
Kevin Campbell
Video Visuals

Tour Manager Richard Fernandez
Assistant Lila Martin

Charlie Boxhall [Production Mgr]
Josh Hassell [Production Assistant]
Alexander Hamilton [Dead President]
Scott Harder [Band Tour Mgr]

EMG Crew [Click for IDs]

Wayne Williams [Keyboard Tech]
Lorne Wheaton [Drum Tech]
Skip Gildersleeve [Guitar Tech]

«------ Mr. Gildersleeve has requested
that the following quote be added:

"Ladies, I'm available".

Photo: Kevin Campbell

Color Therapy

Outtakes, Vol I

Outtakes, Vol II

Outtakes, Vol III

All photos ©2003 steelydan.com unless otherwise noted

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